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How can TCV support organisations and individuals to increase their access to nature and greenspaces?

Increasing access to the outdoors for people with disabilities post-Covid
Covid has highlighted and exacerbated the inequalities and barriers faced by many living with disabilities and TCV is exploring how we can help individuals and organisations overcome these to access the many benefits that greenspaces, the outdoors and nature offers. As well as understanding the needs of people living with disabilities and the organisations that support and work with them, we are developing online training and resources to support our partners to use the outdoors for the mental and physical health of their service users. We would like to know if these would be of interest to you.

Accessing the outdoors
When we talk about accessing and engaging with the outdoors and greenspaces, this covers a variety of activities from simply sitting outside in a garden with a cup of tea, to short health walks or interactive games outside, to gardening, food growing, tree planting and other conservation tasks. Our strength as an organisation is creating strong partnerships to understand the needs of the people we are working alongside, and tailoring activities and opportunities to suit their needs and abilities.