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Survey: Outdoor Nature-Based Activities in Hillingdon - Providers

Outdoor activities in nature are important for helping to keep people active and for improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Hillingdon Council is keen to support and promote green outdoor activities for mental and physical wellbeing.

We would like to know:

1. Are you providing Outdoor Nature-based Physical Activities in Hillingdon?

2. What Outdoor Nature-based Physical Activities could you deliver?

3. What support and resources would you need to deliver more Outdoor Nature-based Physical Activities?

We are looking for activities:
* that are held outdoors
* that are physical: would not be found on a sports timetable, but are activities that get people moving, e.g.
allotment gardening, food growing, community gardening, health walk, litter picking, scrub management in a local park or along the canal, park run etc.

We want to identify:
* what Activities already exist in the Borough and where the gaps are
* what support and resources you need
* what new Outdoor Nature-based Activities could be created
* to network together providers of Outdoor Nature-based Activities for mutual support and learning