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Free Trees for Schools and Communities

Generous support from Northern Ireland Electricity Networks is enabling The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) to offer free trees, advice and planting support to schools and communities across Northern Ireland during winter 2024-25
Successful applicants for free trees will receive an advisory site visit from TCV to advise on the best tree mix for their site and number of trees required.
Our aim is to help the successful applicants plant their trees by the end of March 2025.
If you are interested in help and support with planting trees, please complete the application form below.

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Other Information

For example, a school may need to ask the Education Authority.
This may just be the people in your group, but could also be neighbours and others who will see the trees as they grow up.
How many people would like to help?

Planting Location

Please zoom in and click on the map below to identify exactly where you'll be planting the trees.
Latitude and longitude will be set automatically.

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By submitting this information, you are confirming that to the best of your knowledge nothing else is planned for the ground and the trees will be able to grow on to become mature trees.
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